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Sypder Bonez

Hells Bells

Sever The Wicked

Famz and the Hooligans

Children of the Blackened Dawn

Skulls and Whiskey

White Knuckle Blackout

18 Days

Dying Breed

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Interview with Andy Bowman, lead singer for Hells/Bells

Band Members:
Andy Bowman - Singer
Scott Abney - Guitar
Johnny Myer - Rhythm Guitar
Mark Kennedy - Bass Guitar Shannan Udien - Drums

What we portray, is each of the band members, and we do the full catalog, all the way back to 1974 Jailbreak, their first EP album to the Rock or Bust, 2015-2016 tour.

There are not many bands that survived after losing a singer, while Black Sabbath went on without Ozzy, and Van Halen without Diamond Dave, no other band can compare with the success AC/DC has had with different singers. They were on the rise and recording Back in Black with Bon Scott died, they hired Brian Johnson and then their success rose to iconic levels. I think everyone loves AC/DC, and has a favorite AC/DC song.

We started playing together in 1996, and the members have changed over time. I've been doing this for 17 years. I've cataloged nearly 1500 shows with this band. Some years we were doing over 100 shows a year.

One of our favorite gigs is Sturgis, South Dakota at The Full Throttle Saloon - we've played there for 10 years now and were one of their first bands. We are the only tribute to headline the main stage there. This year, we played 11 shows in a row. That is what happens at those bike rallies.

We've been to Snowshoe several times, dead of winter. We don't usually play a lot winter shows in the north, we prefer to pick up shows in Florida in the winter, and usually have a heavier schedule of shows spring through the fall months. We have played Morgantown, WV. We have played in 44 states, many international shows and tour 52 weeks out of the year.

We have so many friends now, at all the shows - we've done them so many years that it's like a family reunion. They open up their homes to us, and take care of us, and there are Hells/Bells fans that travel from state to state to see us. That is one of the great things about this band, and being in this band. All the people we get to meet and get to know. SO many people that we stay in touch with all the time.

How do you decide what to play? That is really tough, with so many hits, such a big catalog, you have to do at least 15 hits that people want to hear, so you want to do some deep cuts, so we try to throw in something that don't normally hear from an AC/DC tribute band.

At Rock on the Range, 2012 - we were only the tribute band. They put us in on Friday night, and they told us we had exactly 20 minutes to play - that was our set, we had to cut at this exact time. 60,000 people, Columbus, OH. For a gig like Rock on the Range it's really critical that you pick the right songs! We chose Dirty Deeds, Shook Me All Night Long, Back in Black, Highway to Hell, and of course, Hells Bells. We could only squeeze in 5 songs.

We have met AC/DC - backstage, they are very nice people, very supportive of tribute bands. Lot of bands don't like people who play their music, but they are do down to earth guys and support tributes to them. Every time we play somewhere, someone goes out and buys one of their records.

One of our biggest shows every year is Halloween and we are playing at The House of Shock, a world class haunted house - in New Orleans. Going through The House of Shock is like being in a horror movie. Steve Joseph, one of the owners, is a big pyro tech and all the big bands call him, huge acts, Pantera, Ozzy and Black Sabbath, Metallica, Nickelback, Motley Crue, KISS - he's currently out with Godsmack now. When anyone has pyro problems they call him. I really love playing for him, and his partner Ross Karpelman, because the show has more pyro than a KISS show. They really go all out.

I started playing music because of KISS, one of my favorite bands. I grew up in the 80's, hair metal, harder metal, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. I've been into every facet of music, especially on the rock side. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Van Halen, Queensryche, Alice Cooper, etc. Growing up, I saw every band that came to town.

One of our favorite events is at Smokey Mountain Harley Davidson, in Maryville, TN, our hometown show, where we get a lot of family and friends come out to support us. We've been doing that show for over 10 years. They started with a stage and an idea, then it just got bigger and bigger over the years. We play there twice a year. We play at a lot of Harley dealerships. Bikers come there to enjoy the music. Bikers are some really great people, they are the first people to stop and help you on the side of the road. Yes, I ride. And I have a lot of friends who ride.

Have you done Metal Festivals before? No, we have not done a metal festival before. This will be first to me. I am looking forward to hearing the other bands that are playing. We love all the musicians, we will be there all day, enjoying the music - hey, we are fans too! Of course, without the people to come and see the shows, we can't do what we do. Come out and support us and all the bands!

Check us out at

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Interview with Mike Burns - Dying Breed

Band Members:
Travis Oliver - bass, backup vocals - he works at swinging bridge, historical gas station/restaurant/Paint Bank
Chance West - drummer - total nerd, going to college for computer graphics
Josh Adkins - rhythm guitar - works with mentally handicapped, for years
Jake Hanson - Lead Vocals - cook, dishwasher and local vegan cafe, Wild Bean, in downtown Lewisburg, great coffees, espresso, Jake became a vegan, not really meaning to, just that he works there and that's all he ends up eating.
Mike Burns - Guitar - I detail cars and Travis and I own a recording studio - we are putting the finishing touches on our CD and will be debuting it at Metal in The Mountains. We are doing a compilation album now, from punk rock to metal and extreme death metal, we are just trying to promote local bands.

Every single note and word is original, we write it all ourselves. Sometimes, I'll flesh out a song, usually, me, or Josh will come up with a skeleton of a song and we present it to the group, and we work it all out together. Jake writes most of the lyrics.

We play at least once a month, wherever we can. Our first show was last September and we just hit our 10 Show mark. We opened for Attila, and awesome band from NC.

We have so many musical influences! We all have our little niche, but we listen to everything from Rap, Old Metal, New Metal, Blues, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, even Old School Country. Some of our favorite bands are Alice in Chains, Mega Death, Three Days Grace, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Seven Dust - we like it all.

I saw Hells/Bells five years ago at Rock on the Range, and I'm SO excited about sharing the stage with them - they are such a great band live, they put on a great show, do a fantastic job, Rolling Stone listed them as one of the best bands out there, not just an tribute band, but one of the best bands out there.

What would you like to say to your fans? "I hope they have a f**king great time, have a blast, thanks for f**king coming out, for supporting the scene. You just don't exist as a band if they don't f**king come out and support us. That's all!"

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Interview with Franz Schroerign - White Knuckle Black Out

Band Members:
Franz Schroerign - guitars and vocals
Phillip Rook - lead Guitar
Neal Ward- drums Mitch Walker - bass guitar

Do you write your own music? I write all the lyrics, and I create all the arrangements for the songs we have. We don't do covers or other people's music.

We have played with Prong, Biohazard, Kill Devil Hill, As I Lay Dying, Dead by Wednesday - and we went on a small, mini East Coast Tour with Still Well Angel.

There are so many bands that I totally dig personally, Metallica, Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity "COC", Down, Soulfly, Machine Head, Motörhead - we love so many established artists its just not fair to narrow them down! Neal is a huge fan of Led Zeppelin, Rush and King Diamond and Mitch loves Volbeat and Stone Sour.

Our band started off in 2010 and in the first two years, we played over 300 shows. We are REALLY happy to be up in West Virginia rocking out. We try and play a couple times a month out of town. We want to expose our brand of heavy metal to those who haven't had the opportunity to see us before.

We have done metal fests before, We played Skull Fest, White Trash Bash, Ziggy's, Carolina Metal Fest - three years in a row, and we have headlined a few of our own. We played Beauty and Beast Car Show - and we've played some "kitchen parties" where someone has a "back 40" with a huge PA, lighting, a pig cooking, lawn chairs, coolers - we just totally rock out and those parties go until 2-3 in the morning. I've seen as many as 600 people show up.

Check us our on Pandora, just type in our band name, we have our own little station. A lot of people say that our music is like Metallica, Pantera, Machine Head, Black Label Society got in on in a back ally and White Knuckle Black Out is the result.

We released one album called "Commitment" - you can hear it on Reverb Nation, Bandcamp,com. We are bringing some fresh copies with us, with some bonus tracks on it.

We have a new album that is coming out. Tracks are almost done - much anticipated! We promise to release it this year. It's titled "Enmity" - a biblical term that means "at great odds with" - "serious hatred or contempt towards something" and some of the new tracks are, War Horse, Hate the Truth and Honesty - and we are going to be playing these songs at the festival.

Do you any upcoming events? My upcoming event is in TWO Weeks, and we are going to Rule. Sneak peeks at the new album - See us and other awesome acts in the VIP area - we'll be in the Meet and Greet with the Bands!

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Interview with James Casey - manager, owner, lead singer - Skulls & Whisky

Band members include Ron Radford on rhythm guitar and backup vocals, James Mason on drums, Lewie Millet on bass guitar, Pat Jackson, lead guitar and backup vocals, and Wayne Van Den Broeke - drum tech, sound engineer - he's spent his whole life racing BMW motorcycles and doing high end sound - sets up Carolina Rebellion and other big events - he keeps us sounding great.

We are somewhat of a tribute band - to a band called Viking Skull, out of Coby, England. We took our name from one of their songs. We contacted the manager, so we are kind of an official, unofficial tribute band - we've gotten permissions from the band to play their songs.

Over the last two years of learning their material, we learned how they wrote songs, they have a specific formula and we learned by studying their 7 albums. So, everything we play, was original music at one time!

Strangely enough, Viking Skulls started as a tribute band too - in 1998, Raging Speed Horn, a real heavy, thrash metal band, also from Coby, England went on a hiatus, and Viking Skulls starting playing their music in small pubs, for free, just to drink beer. That's how they got started, and now, we are third generation and going strong.

We play as often as we can. Our first live show was May of 2015 - and we've done 48 shows since then.

There are a lot of established bands that have influenced us, Kiss, Motörhead, Judas Priest, Metallica, Mega Death. We know what it takes to make a band function. Good songs. Play the songs well. You got to make them sound good, and you got to have a little bit of a show to go along with the music, antics! We have some antics. We are a good time party band.

We put on two shows ourselves each year, White Trash Bash in May, next weekend, and Skull Fest in September. All the info is on our Facebook page under Events, parking, logistics, tickets, band line up. We have loyal fans who show up and support us and we do whatever we can to give them a good show. It if wasn't for the fans, what purpose do you got to play? We want to entertain people, and our fans are part of the show.

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Interview with Children of the Blackened Dawn

We are Children of the Blackened Dawn, and we are a Blackened Death Metal band from Bluefield, WV with the intent of bringing groovy brutal technical death metal to fans everywhere. Our members our Aerien Goldman (guitar) Brent Bane (guitar) Jordan Byrd (vocals) Micheal Reed (bass) and Steven Crockett (drums).

The link to our facebook page @childrenoftheblackeneddawn

How did you come up with your band name? We were known by another name for a while when we first started playing. Eventually we decided it just didn't fit our aggressive sound and overall mentality when it came to writing music. The name was one of our songs, one we had written several years ago, our drummer suggested that the song and title really embodied our sound and how we wanted to be interpreted by someone who was hearing us for the first time, we all agreed and decided to change the name.

Of course. We wanted to depart from some of the more typical tropes found in extreme metal lyrics, lyrically all of our songs weave into a greater narrative. Each song is a fragment of a unique and original mythological cycle. When we create our music, it always starts with a feeling. It comes from all of us at different times, we all write and have been with each other so long that we build off of what someone starts with and it forms into something absolutely brutal.

We started playing together in middle school when we were 13 or 14 years old, so over a decade now. The band is much more mature and assailing compared to when we started, we have undergone changes in the way we produce music and in our band members, whether it was switching to a different instrument or finding another person who fit our mold better.

We try to play together regularly, our home lives tend to keep us constantly having to schedule days to get together, but it never deters us from practicing and writing, one of us always seems to have something up their sleeve to work on. We have spot back in the mountains that we play at in Rock, WV. Its our own personal haven, away from everyone and everything, with just our music and nature. Cell phones barely work.

All of us have varying tastes in music, from extreme Black Metal and Death Metal, to old school classics and hardcore punk. To name a few, some of our major influences are; Cephallic Carnage, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Immortal, Abysmal Dawn, Kataklysm, Morbid Angel, Death, Skeletonwitch, and Amon Amarth.

Here is a sample of what you're going here on Saturday!

To our fans and anyone who might be interested;

If you are craving brutal, mind numbing, groovy death metal from the mountains, we are here to quench your thirst. We always strive to show our fans, new and old, a good time when we play, and this show will be no different! Delivering a new taste of death metal to unsuspecting patrons is something we love doing, and broadening musical horizons is why we do what we do. We hope we can touch some new souls with everything that pours out of our own, and show everyone a great time, please feel free to come and talk with us after our set, and rage with us as the other bands show their talent and passion on the stage!

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Interview with John and Lanny - Sever the Wicked

Band Members:
John Thompson - drums and backup vocals
Allen Larue - guitarist
Alex Miller - guitar
Lanny Harmon - base guitar, back up vocalist
Travis Philips - lead vocalist

We started out as a positive message band, we're straight edge - talking about bullying, drug abuse, and Sever the Wicked is a fitting tribute for removing the negativity out of your life. People got different struggles in life - sever anything out of your life that is causing you to be down or negative.

Our music is all original, guitar licks, lyrics, either John or Travis writes the lyrics and Allen and Alex do the guitar work. Whole band gets together to compose it, we structure the whole song in general.

We started playing together in March, 2011 and have played professionally at least 2x a month, sometimes 4-5x a month, weather permitting. We have played in NC, SC, TN, GA, VA and of course, WV.

We played at Carolina Rebellion last year, but basically, we will play anywhere where people will listen, whether it's 200 or 2. The way I see it, that's 2 people who may not have heard us yet.

Our band members like all kinds of music, Old School Metal, New Rock, Country and Western, Punk Rock - we just want to share the joy we have when we play.

John - I went to a KISS concert when I was 10, and that set me on the path of being a musician.

Lanny - Just hanging out with my dad, listening to old classic rock - and I got an old beat up guitar and over time, developed into a solid bass player. One of the benefits of playing with really great musicians is you have to get really good to keep up and Alex and Allen are really good musicians.

Our future goals as a band are to continue to spread our positive message music, to write new music and continue to play on a regular basis.

We have never really had a good legit Metal scene here in Southern WV. Twenty years from now, we hope to say it all started here at Metal in The Mountains, here in Pipestem and that we were one of the first bands to play.

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Interview with Mindy Jackson, Lead Vocalist - 18 Days

Band Members
Mindy Jackson - lead vocals - haunted house manager, I'm in another band, an acoustic project and I'm vice president of a music club - we promote local shows, benefits and events - help with marketing
Jake Hiatt - Rhythm Guitar - works at a vape shop
Sam Meland - Drums - he's a family man, three kids, great dad
Darren Wilson - Bass player - carpenter
Michael Reece - Lead Guitar - carpenter, painter, great handyman - can do just about anything

The name "18 Days" had a lot of different meanings -18 was the average of all our birthdays, and did you know that 18 days after a baby is conceived, a baby's heart starts to beat?

I write all or our original music, all the lyrics. The guys come up with the riffs and ideas, and then I'll put lyrics to how it makes me feel when I hear the music. Our original line up started in 2013, we had a few member changes, life takes people on different paths, Jake, Sam and I were the original band members, and over time, we became a melting pot of things we all enjoy as a band.

We have had a wide variety of influences - I love 90's music, and I love Joan Jett. I saw her once and it was one of the best concerts I've ever seen in my life. It wasn't about the costumes - it was her music, it was just about the music. Darren, our base player, likes late 80's 90's rock, Jake is the baby, he is into the more modern rock. Sam likes Slipknot, Metal, super heavy stuff. Mike is pretty much like a juke box, from the 70's to now - he likes everything.

Most would call us, Melodic Metal, bluesy, metal, we don't really have a genre.

We have played a handful of metal festivals - and we have all played in other bands before and at other festivals. For the past few years, we have had a lot of opportunities to network, share and hear other bands. In the metal scene, there is a lot of camaraderie and sharing. That is how we've gotten some of our shows. One thing about the metal scene, people think we are all dark, but we are a family, and we want each other to do well and we look out for each other.

For me, my most memorable event was our home show, at our local community center - and they don't have music events there very often. All our friends were there, a huge crowd, and almost every face was familiar. It was my mom's first time seeing me in a metal band, and it was a great feeling to see our friends and family come out to support us. Mom thought we were fantastic - she has supported me since I was 3 years old, and she is the greatest mom every. I wasn't the greatest kid, with tattoos and I was in a rock band pretty much since I could walk. She bought me a bass guitar when I was 14, got me voice lessons and has been my biggest fan and support. She will be coming to Metal in the Mountains to support me!

How is singing metal different from singing in other bands? I watched u-tube videos and learned how to sing metal - it took a lot of practice but now I am good at it. In my other band, I sing differently, not screaming at top of my lungs - it's like the difference between clean vocals and harsh vocals.

This upcoming Saturday, our second album is coming out, Resurgence - as in, "redoing ourselves." We built a great foundation with our first album, and we want to re-create the flame that started us out on our path. This is probably the most intimate side of us to date. The good, the bad and the ugly, a lot of growing and page turning - we are going to be playing the entire album at Metal in the Mountains and will have copies for sale after the show. This is the most important thing that we have done this far. We really put everything that we have into our album. Everything.

What would you like to share with your fans? Just go out to go out as many local shows as possible. Venues are closing, great bands are closing too, because they just can't handle the stress. If fans are not going to shows and not supporting the bands, they can't continue. People have to show up and events to support local live music to make it worthwhile.

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Interview with Angie aka "Devon" Cochran from Spyder Bonz

We've been together as a band since 1996, we took some time off but are back together now and in the studio doing a new CD. I write all my own songs. It's amazing that our songs are still current and relevant - and have stood the test of time - a lot of them are about my life.

Love to ride Harley's, used to belong to an all-female motorcycle club, the Triad Bad Lasses that was sponsored by Harley Davidson.

We opened for Black Label Society, Biohazard, Nothing Face - we used to play 3 shows every weekend, now we do a couple weekends a month.

We do Black Label "Funeral Bell", some classic Danzig, Old Kiss, and Old School Classic Metal. We like to keep it hard, keep it heavy, keep it real, and that is a good philosophy on life.

We're seasoned, hard core and really excited about Metal in the Mountains! It's almost a spiritual thing for me to be back in WV - my whole family were coal miners I grew up in West Virginia, went to Montcalm Elementary School - my mom is a graduate of Bluefield State. It was nothing to be out on the porch with mandolins, banjos, fiddles, guitars - I grew up in a musical family. I sang in Princeton on live radio - when I was 16, Singing runs in my family. I've done everything from gospel, country to hard rock, but metal is my heart.

It's surreal for me to come home and play. And my son is coming! He'll be 23 in two months.

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Interview with Andy from Zeroking

Band Members:
Andy Haught - lead vocals
Steve Entler - bass player
Chris Webb - drummer
Shane Day - guitar

How did you come up with your band name? Chris's son at the time was 8 years old, 2004 - he came up with "Devil King" but we didn't want to be lumped together with other bands who had devil in their name, so we played around with it and looked for that "three syllable" flow, like Aerosmith, Motley Crue. Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath. We liked the contradictory nature of the two words and the way that people can read into the meaning of the name in numerous ways. Also it looks big in print, on merchandise, sounds like a big band. Three syllables could be the key to success was the thought perhaps haha ...

Do you write your own music and lyrics? Yes, we have been pretty much since the start. Before we really learned any covers, we came up with our own tunes, and we added some covers to get the crowd involved. We have a medley, Jungle Love by Morris Day and the Time, Motley Crue "Girls Girls Girls" You Spin Me Around by Dead or Alive and we play at lot of 80's pop tunes, but we metal them up. For example our new album "Empire of Sin" includes a cover of Hall and Oates "Maneater". We do Dragula - by Rob Zombie, other covers we sometimes perform are INXS " Devil Inside", Billy Idol "Rebel Yell" Billy Squier "The Stroke" , Ozzy "Bark at the Moon" just to name a few.

How do you guys go about writing songs? Sometimes Chris will have the lyrics and Shane will come up with music, other times, we come up with the music first, it's kind of interesting that our drummer writes 95% of the lyrics - he writes to my persona and how it will sound on stage. But really song ideas can come from any of us whether its myself, Chris, Shane or Steve we bring in the idea and hash it out in practice and everyone contributes til we have a song which can then change a number of times before we try it out live and eventually record it.

When did you start playing together? The three of us (myself, Chris and Shane) have been together since 2004 - the core of the band has known each other for over 22 years - I had a band, my first band out of high school, and Chris had a band, and we opened for his band. He left that band, and I joined that band, and a few years after that, we started playing for another band, it goes way back to the 90s. Steve our current bassist has been with us about a year and half or so.

Do you have any other bands? Christ has a cover band, 90's alternative band, Triggered- and Shane and Chris play in a punk band started by one of our former bassists Thom Copher called Payback's a Bitch.

Where is everyone located? I'm based out of Charleston, and Shane is based out of Huntington, and Steve and Chris live in Kentucky, we meet in the middle, practice once or twice a week. If we have a show or several in a given week , we sometimes count that as practice too.

What are some bands everyone is into or influenced by? our influences come from everywhere really..Shane is very into Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Metallica, and Journey. Both he and Chris were very into Prince and Duran Duran growing up. Chris loves 80s glam band like Motley Crue, Poison, Guns and roses but also got heavily into White Zombie and Pantera in the 90s. I grew up on all sorts of music from 80s bands like Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister, as well as power pop stuff like Jellyfish and Marvelous 3, classic rock like ACDC, alice cooper, KISS, the beatles,...

Steve likes a lot of heavy newer stuff like Gojira, he loves Strapping Young Lad..we take all our influences throw it in a blender and it comes out sounding like Zeroking.

What is your history as a band? Where have you played before? In rhe early 2000s Chris and Shane played together in a band called Painscape. After that band sorta dissolved they began trying out different singers and they went thru something 10 or more different guys . I was living in Atlanta GA at the time and I came back to visit some family in the summer of 2004, Chris played me a demo of a song he and shane had recorded ..which later became 54XTC and is pretty much the earliest Zeroking song that we still play today. I really liked what they were working on and I took the chance to move back to WV and we began working on more material. We started playing shows in early 2005 and began recording some songs which led to our 2006 EP " The Sweet Sale of Excess" . We kept on playing shows in the WV, OH, KY region mainly, continued writing songs and eventually recorded the songs which comprised our full length " Kings of Self Destruction" released stateside on Vanity Music and distributed worldwide thru the Orchard/Code Seven and is available digitally on itunes, amazon, spotify.

In June of 2014, we recorded thee songs w Ben Wells of Black Stone Cherry producing which formed the basic tracks of three of the songs included on our upcoming album "Empire of Sin".

During our time as band we have played shows in WV, OH, KY, VA, MD, GA, TN, NC, SC, IN, and OK . Opened for countless national and international acts, played festivals, received airplay on terrestrial and internet radio stations both here in the US and worldwide, released a pro shot video to youtube for our song "Dead Rockstar" whivch debuted on, appeared on a sampler cd included with the November 2011 issue of Classic Rock magazine (UK) which had a circulation of more than 75,000 copies worldwide, played Rocklahoma festival in Pryor Oklahoma in 2009, those are a few highlighs and we havent written all the chapters to our story yet haha..

Have you done any metal festivals before? Quite a few actually 2006 we played X Fest in Huntington WV..the headlining bands included Staind, Three Days Grace, Black Stone Cherry., we coheadlined the loud and local stage w Byzantine (Metal Blade records and a WV band) and played X Fest again w Bobaflex in 2011 ( Headlining bands included Alterbridge, Theory of a Deadman, Black Stone Cherry). We played Bearfest in Parkersburg WV in 2010 which featured Nonpoint, Saving Abel, Bobaflex, Cavo and others. Rocklahoma in 2009 featured bands like Ratt, Night Ranger, Skid Row, Jackyl, Twisted Sister, Stryper and we played on metal day which had bands like Anthrax, Metal Church, Overkill, Anvil among many other legendary artists,,we also played Rally on the River in Ironton Ohio in 2012 (?) opening for Texas Hippie Coalition...there are probably others that are slipping my mind right now but those stick out to me off the top of my head lol .

What is your most memorable event as a band? Weve had a lot of memorable events over the years some of which ive previously mentioned. But some others include our first time opening for Nonpoint in 2006,,that was our first really big national show, Our local rock station at the time brought us on air for an interview and accoustic performance before the show this was right before we released our first ep. Getting picked by 103.1 the Bear in Parkersburg WV to play its annual Party like a rockstar event in 2006 and 2009 (that show we opened for Pop Evil) was really special. We had one of our songs remixed by legendary producer Beau Hill (he produced bands like Alice Cooper, Ratt, Winger, White Lion and many more)

Recently we played Al Rosa Villa again in Columbus Ohio which was a first for Steve and is significant because thats where Dimebag Darrel of Pantera was shot and killed.

Rocklahoma was memorable because it the furthest distance we have traveled as a band. And also has to be the hottest place weve ever played , It was like 118 degrees during the day. By the time the evening hit like 98 seemed cool in comparison haha

What would you like us to share with your fans?

Show up! Get off our couch and come out to Metal in the Mountains and rock a lot of different styles, bands from VA, NC,WV you're going to hear a lot of different things. We are here to help people forget about the bullshit of the week and celebrate rock and roll. We are looking forward to the AC/DC tribute band. We are trying to bring the fun back to rock and roll.

Here are some ways to connect with us and check out our music:
@zerokingandy on twitter

Some of the national acts we have shared bills with:
Black Stone Cherry
Drowning Pool
Duff Mckagans Loaded
Primer 55
Texas Hippie Coalition
Bang Tango
Kill Devil Hill
Pop Evil
Rev Theory
Burn Halo

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Interview with Famz and the Hooligans

Famz - Vocals
Gur - Guitar
Bud - Drums
Candyman the Keeper - DJ

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Social Media Links:

Places We've Performed:
Cheers (Princeton WV)
Double Ds (Bluewell WV)
The Ramsey (Bluefield WV)
Club Minaj (Oakvale WV)
Club Konquor (Oak Hill WV)
Muncheez Bar and Grill (Beckley WV)
The Empty Glass (Charleston WV)
Bernies Tavern (Columbus OH)
Cafe Soiel (Princeton WV)
Tonys Tavern (Coshocton OH)
The Railyard (Bluefield WV)
The Q Club (Roanoke, VA)
The VFW (Bristol, TN)
The V Club (Huntington, WV)
Wild Riders Saloon (Bluefield, WV)
The Speakeasy (Bluefield, WV)
The Lounge (Fairmont, WV)
The Alrosa Villa (Columbus, OH)
Kookies Place (Columbus, OH)
Somewhere Else Bar (Newark, OH)
The BackBooth (Orlando, FL)
The Q (Roanoke, VA)
Bam Bams Bar ( Stonewood, WV)
Louie's Italian Rose (Marion, VA)
Stony Point Ruritan Club (Charolettesville, VA)
The Drunken Horse Pub (Fayetteville, NC)

Better Known Artists/Organizations We've Did Shows With:
Gathering of the Juggalos 17 (2016)
Insane Clown Posse
Neurotic November
Davey Suicide
Lil Wyte
Scare Dont Fear
Blaze ya dead Homie
The Bunny The Bear
Juicy J
Hed PE
Non Point
Axe Murda Boys (AMB)
Big Hoodoo
Dj Clay
Zug Island
Anybody Killa (ABK)
Lex Lugar
Primer 55
Nappy Roots
Kung Fu Vampire
Slick Rick
Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Rough and Rowdy Brawl 2014
Ces Cru,
Suicide Silence,
Tech N9ne,
Kissing Candice,
Kottonmouth Kings,
One-Eyed Doll,
Asking Alexandria,
Jelly Roll,
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.
The Dayton Family,
Whitney Peyton,
Young Wicked,
Dark Lotus,
Lex "The Hex" Master,
The Killjoy Club.
Green Jelly,
Lo Key,

Bands we enjoy:
Blues Traveler
Allen Stone
Mike Love
Fat Nick
12 Foot Ninja
Swag Toof
Brookes and Dunn
Hank Williams Sr
Waylon Jennings
Allen Jackson
Any Pearl Jam Cover Band...Hate actual Pearl Jam

How did you come up with your band name? Famz - I was already a solo artist, I've always been heavy into embracing my inner hooligan, so, we didn't have to rebrand completely, we just added three more hooligans. I started when I was 15, but didn't take it serious until I was in my 20's and started doing hip hop shows.

Do you write your own music and lyrics? Definitely, we don't do any cover songs. We find a backtracking instrumental and go from there. I can write lyrics best, and our guitarists and drummer are really good with making the music. It is really easy for us, makes the dream work. We have a live DJ that scratches and stuff, a lead singer, a guitarist and drummer, no bass player because we have hip hop instrumentals that we use as back tracks.

When did you start playing together? About a year ago, we've known each other for years, been in separate projects, we knew each other and supported each other in the music scene and we were tired of being in projects were people weren't dedicated enough.

We take it way more serious that most other bands, few have the work ethic that we have and it shows. We practice at least once every week, we've been known to practice every day. We do multiple shows every month. We sometimes do 3-5 practice sessions a week. We played at a festival called the Gathering of the Juggalos in Ohio, and there were a couple hundred people there. We open for a lot of other bands,

What established bands do you like the best? We tell everyone we are a Reba Macintyre cover band. She doesn't know it though...

What is your most memorable event as a band? Gathering of Juggalos! We did our first tour ever last year. We got to visit a lot of places, some of us have never been out of WV before. We went to NYC to do a show, we went to Orlando, it was a promo tour. We have a three song demo CD. Our new stuff doesn't really sound anything like it though. We have three brand new projects that will be finished in three or four months.

What would you like us to share with your fans? We love 'em, HOOL - come out and support us, definitely come to the show.

Bud the drummer - "I used to live in Hinton, for 10 years, and it will be cool to have my friends and family be able to come out and support me."

CONTEST ALERT! Whoever moshes the hardest during the set will get a free tattoo from one of the tattoo artists. We know most of the tattoo people so we will hook a fan up!

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Interview with DeadFaceDown

1) Band Members:
Iann Brown - vocals
Nick Nacho - bass/vocals
Jason Bays - lead guitar Chad Fisher - guitar
Steve Carpenter - drums

2) How did you come up with your band name?
We were stuck wondering what we were going to do and it just came out of nowhere

3) Do you write your own music and lyrics?
Yes, and we like to play some covers occasionally

4) When did you start playing together?
Roughly 1999

5) How often do you play? Where?
As much as possible, and wherever we can get a show

6) What established bands do you like the best?
Pantera, Lamb of God, Slayer, Behemoth, WhiteChapel, Clutch

7) What would you like to share with your (future) fans for Metal in the Mountains?

DeadFaceDown was formed in 2006 from the remains of Rasclaat and Shades of Animosity.

We play a very diverse array of metal sounds that we have cultivated into our own special blend.

We have shared the stage with:
Morbid Angel
Six Feet Under
All That Remains
Karma to Burn
Butcher Babies
The Obsessed
Fuckface Unstoppable featuring Bam and Jess Margera
3 inches of Blood
Primer 55
Sons of Texas
Autumn Offering
God Forbid
Goat wore
And many more.

We have played almost every venue in Charleston and Huntington. Beckley, Bluefield, Parkersburg, 123 Pleasant St in Morgantown, Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland Ohio. Indiana, Kentucky, etc.

We look forward to melting your faces this Saturday. don't be shy! Come say hi!

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