General Festival Info
1) What will the weather be like? Average temperatures in June are 77 during the day, and 55 at night - prepare for all weather - bring a disposable poncho. See ten day forecast for Pipestem, WV
2) What time should I arrive? Doors open at 5 PM Friday, 10 AM Saturday
3) Can I go in and out? No re-entry after arrival
4) Are there ATMs? Not on the Venue property, but there is an ATM about a 3/4 of a mile south Midway Market mile down the road, and there are two banks in the town of Athens, 15 miles south.
5) Is there Wi-Fi? Yes, only in the music area (not car camping area)

Security - How is the Venue ensuring my safety?
6) All guests must go through security at the front gate. The following items are prohibited: glass bottles, aluminum bottles, knives, illegal drugs, fireworks, weapons of any kind, flags, hover boards, laser pointers, drones of any kind, remote controlled devices, toys, large backpacks, any food or flasks. (may bring a small backpack or fanny pack- will be searched!)
7) Event Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person, at the Event Promoter's sole discretion, whose conduct is disorderly, abusive or disruptive.

Audio/Video Recording Policy
8) Guests may bring personal, non-commercial photography devices, such as cell phones or small digital cameras to create short, non-commercial use recordings, called "Personal Content".
9) Guests may not bring tripods, monopods, boom arms, selfie sticks or any device used to mount or hold a photography device beyond the user's reach.
10) Event producer reserves the right to prohibit any device it believes is in violation of these Terms, or poses a safety risk to others.
11) Audio or Video recordings - USER MAY NOT MAKE ANY COMMERCIAL USE OF ANY PERSONAL CONTENT WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE EVENT PRODUCER. By way of example, commercial use may include, but is not limited to, posting Personal Content on a website that sells a product, or displays any ads or sponsored links; using or causing Personal Content to appear in any publication, magazine, serial, or book; using Personal Content to sell, sponsor, or endorse a product; or using Personal Content on any website that is or appears to be affiliated or associated with, or sponsored by the Event or the Event producer.
12) Event producer reserves the right to prohibit any use of Personal Content which it believes is in violation of the Terms. Event producer in its sole discretion may determine what constitutes a commercial use not permitted by the Terms.
13) Without the express prior written permission of the Event Promoter, Personal Content that contains any footage of Event Artist performances may not be used for any purpose.

Wristband Policy
14) Wristbands will be issued at front gate. There are different colored bands, VIP 2 Day Pitt Pass bands are the only ones allowed into any VIP area. There are daily admission bands, car camping bands. If you chose to drink alcohol, you must show ID and will be issued a band that allows alcoholic beverage purchases. b
15) Wristbands must be worn at all times during Event.
16) If you lose a wristband, it will not be replaced and you may be charged another entry fee.
17) Wristbands may not be transferred to another person.

Lodging and Camping Info
18) Pipestem Resort State Park is directly across the street, with two lodges, cabins, a prime camping area, swimming, horseback riding and several restaurants. They have special rates for our festivals, so please call 304-466-1800 for lodging.
19) Pipestem RV Park and Campground is about one mile north, and has RV, cabins and tent camping, with showers and full hook ups.
20) We will have shuttle busses running continuously from Park and to both camping areas.

Car Camping Area
21) Where is the car camping area? Camping is at Appalachian South Folk Life Center - 1/2 mile walk from Venue
22) Is there Shuttle service? Yes, continuous shuttles run from all camping areas
23) How big is a camping site? 20X30
24) What time can I check in? Camping area opens at 2 PM, Friday June 1
25) What time is check out? Campers must vacate the property by 11 AM, Sunday, June 3
26) Can I bring an RV? No. RV is defined as any vehicle over 20 feet. No box trucks or any campers that are towed are permitted in the car camping area.
27) Can I bring a full size van? Yes
28) Do you have an area for motorcycles? Yes
29) I don't have a car, can I still camp? Yes, we have a tent camping only area.
30) Can I leave and come back with my car? No - car must stay in the camping site. Once a vehicle leaves, they are relinquishing their site and any items remaining in the site will be considered trash and permanently disposed of.
31) Is there electricity? No - this is a beautiful open field
32) Are there shower facilities? No, but there are port-a-johns
33) Are pets allowed? No
34) Can we have a campfire? No, this is expressly forbidden by the owner
35) Can I have visitors? Only campers with camping wristbands allowed into camping area
36) What is your alcohol policy? Alcohol is prohibited in the car camping area.
37) All campers are subject to search before entering camping area.
38) Is this family friendly? Yes, there is a playground on site
39) Are camping passes per person or per car? Per car - great deal!
40) Do I have to sleep in a tent? No, you can sleep in your car.
41) Do you have an area where we can camp with friends? Please try and arrive together and we can put your group all in the same section.
42) Are there food vendors in the camping area? No
43) Is there Wi-Fi? Unfortunately, not in camping area, but venue does have free Wi-Fi.
44) Can I cook at my site? No - please bring coolers and snacks. (This may change at future events) Jugs of water and bags of ice are available at the gas station/convenience store, Midway Market
45) Do you have accessible camping? No, but we will try to accommodate any special needs
46) There will be on-site security at all times
47) Venue, promoter and camping areas are not responsible for items lost, stolen or misplaces. Please do not bring valuable items with you.

Food and Beverages
48) Food trucks will be available with typical festival and carnival foods, and a limited supply of fresh salads, fruits, yogurts, and some gluten free and vegan options!

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